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Are you planning to take energy-saving measures at your home? This is now possible thanks to the energy-saving loan. This is a special credit for homeowners who want to save on energy costs. The benefits are low-interest rates, no closing costs and you can also repay early without penalty. In this blog from Heat Pump Revolution, you can read more information about how you can finance a heat pump very cheaply.

Why a heat pump?

Why a heat pump?

First we would like to offer some more information about the heat pump. Because why should I make such an investment? A heat pump heats your home in a sustainable way. Instead of gas, the system extracts heat from outside air, ventilation air, groundwater or geothermal heat. In addition, the system can also provide hot tap water. The result? Less CO2 emissions and lower energy costs.

  • Heating your home in a sustainable way
  • No or less use of gas
  • Substantial CO2 reduction
  • Housing value increases due to more favorable energy label

What are the costs and how can I finance this?


The costs of a heat pump are between € 4,000 and € 25,000. This is indeed quite spacious. The final price depends on the type of heat pump that you want to install. Do you opt for an air-to-air heat pump with an outdoor unit? Then you are ready for around € 6,000. The disadvantage is that you often still remain partly dependent on the central heating boiler. Do you opt for a fully electric heat pump with ground bore? Then the investment can amount to as much as € 25,000 including installation. The advantage is that you are completely off the gas.


This subsidy amounts to 40% of the purchase value. It is therefore very interesting to include this subsidy in the total loan that you need.

Payday loan

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Do you want to know what the Payday energy-saving loan can mean for you? Here you will find all the information about the heat pump and other sustainable measures. In addition, you can view here which subsidies apply and how much money you can borrow for, for example, a heat pump at what rate.

For this you do the loan check. Based on your zip code, the loan amount, your situation, income and expenses, you will eventually receive an attractive proposal.