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Loan repayment Reduce your loan and save money!

There are three common ways to repay your loans: annuity loan, lump sum loan, and short term loan. The terms are very similar and the repayment terms seem to be the same at a glance, which makes it very easy to mix loans. Therefore, we will now go over the definitions of the terms, with Read More

e-Government Credit Rating Inquiry

Thanks to the new feature that comes to the e-Government application, you can now query your credit rating inquiry, check information and limit risk information free of charge. You can request your credit rating, current limit information and risk report free of charge by receiving SMS or e-mail once a month thanks to the E Read More

To apply for a loan

Ask for a loan help? In times when you need to tighten the belt, asking for a loan helps you have the liquidity we need. It is enough to compare the products of Prestogrestis with those of IBL or other operators to find the offer that best meets their needs. The most convenient personal Destigrest Read More

SMS Loan for Self – Employed

Your dream was to plan your working and leisure time better than by working time. You can better divide your plan between work and family, travel more freely, or pursue hobbies intensively. You can develop your potential and abilities better. You don’t have to travel to work every day, get stuck in traffic and share Read More