SMS Loan for Self – Employed

Your dream was to plan your working and leisure time better than by working time. You can better divide your plan between work and family, travel more freely, or pursue hobbies intensively. You can develop your potential and abilities better. You don’t have to travel to work every day, get stuck in traffic and share your office with unscrupulous colleagues. Your profession – services, sales, manufacturing or craft allow you to work from home or from an equipped workshop. Freelance work brings many benefits, but in many ways will put you among the damned. At least that’s how you feel from time to time.

Loan for Self – Employed

Loan for Self - Employed

You take care of yourself, don’t ask for contributions, don’t take advantage of free benefits. You pay for your phone and internet, you also get a computer and all the work equipment yourself. You need to arrange repairs, service, refills, the cost increases and the operation of the car. You also need to reserve a piece of private space in your apartment. But instead of feeling good about your work and support, you often run into problems with late payments from your customers. You do your work 100% and according to the deadline. But you could talk about keeping maturity dates …

You will not be exempted from the payment of your own rent or other charges, nor will you accept an excuse that you have been waiting for your second month and are still held by another party. If a broken computer, a car breakdown, or other unexpected expenses are added to the troubles, you are in a very uncomfortable situation. It is definitely nonsense to take the risk of limiting services, for example, late telephone charges are very quickly added to late payment interest and penalties on reminders. This is followed by service restrictions and other card blocking issues. Under no circumstances should your temporary insolvency endanger the normal functioning of your business, nor should you limit the normal functioning of your family. An SMS loan for a self-employed person can be the right solution, help you immediately bridge the lack of cash, pay for your rental, repair a car or help you quickly buy new equipment.

Without long negotiations

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Fast non-bank loans are set by precise and easy-to-understand rules. On our site you can use the interactive tool to balance. You can freely change the loan amount and you will immediately see the displayed calculation of the specific amount and number of installments. This makes it easy to get a clear idea, better evaluate your real possibility of paying off your debt and avoid other problems.

The loan application itself is no less simple. All you need to do is fill in basic information, include a valid phone number, email address and bank account. After authorization by SMS, we transmit your application to the automated approval system. With a few thousand crowns, you don’t have to document your monthly income, fill in complex forms, or wait long at the bank. The whole process will take a few minutes for you and us. A positive feedback also activates the transfer of the requested amount. Formalities from home from your computer. You do not have to go to the city to a specific branch, stand queue or prepare documents for negotiations.

Clear and unchangeable conditions

The big advantage of an SMS loan for self-employed persons is the factual behavior and fixed conditions. At the moment of loan approval, we will give you specific exact numbers – terms and amount of repayments. You can check the status of your account at any time in your client profile. If your situation develops in a favorable direction, you can also accelerate repayment at any time or repay the entire loan early. Why would you be fined for returning the borrowed money sooner? We do not work with hidden fees, we do not charge for processing the application, we do not ask for surplus insurance.


We’re not a bank! We will not bother you with a series of questions and we will not want you to prove the purpose of your loan. We’re here to help you gain time. You will compare the outstanding invoices for the purchase of material with the money, and pay for phone, internet or other services with minimal delay. Rent payments, water, sewerage, car service, new equipment … We will not investigate why you are in a bad situation, we will not evaluate or instruct you. We will be here for you even when your situation turns in the next unfavorable step. Communicate with us. We will not cause you trouble, remind you or scare you with execution. On the contrary, we will understand your problems, offer you an extension of the payment schedule or its adjustment.

We believe you


We are sure that you can manage your money well and in our practice we encounter similar problems as you are currently solving. Problems waiting in vain for payment of services or work. The unfortunate period will sign on your psychological well-being, accumulating other complications and inconveniences. Get out of the vicious circle and work for improvement. We are here for you, we will gain time for you, help you bounce back and start over.