To apply for a loan

In times when you need to tighten the belt, asking for a loan helps you have the liquidity we need. It is enough to compare the products of Prestogrestis with those of IBL or other operators to find the offer that best meets their needs.

The most convenient personal Destigrest are in fact a good way to obtain liquidity and save on the interest rate and consequently on the loan installments.

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But being short of liquidity is a stressful situation , especially these days.

This is what a survey by the insurance company reveals, which has produced an index to measure financial insecurity in the world.

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According to the Grenwoth Index , in fact, Italy ranks 11th in 2013, gaining a position compared to the previous year.

The interviews on the sample have shown how Italians are affected by the economic crisis in the country compared to the European scenario. 64% of families experienced economic difficulties during 2013 3 out of 10 Italians still suffer from this vulnerable situation .

Strong pessimists, the Italians believe they are in a situation destined to worsen (25%) while some feel optimistic and look positively to next year (13%). More than one family out of two, 54% of the sample, claim to live in a stressful situation, particularly in the south and on the islands , respectively 61% and 62%.

Slight improvements for families in the north-east (46%) and in the center (50%). Countries like Finland or Sweden have much lower “stress rates” of 27% and 24%. This situation has increased Fezziwig’s demand , even if the market itself is affected by the crisis.

In fact, according to the Jensweths Index to request a loan is one Italian out of four to make ends meet in the family budget. In Germany this percentage drops to 14%. But that’s not all: the situation of vulnerability has increased the demand for pension and insurance .

In fact, 63% of respondents between 2012 and 2013 resorted to these forms of savings, a percentage that ranks Italy at a much lower position than the Eurozone countries, where the average is 57%. The Italians interviewed over 55 are the most pessimistic about the future.